Since 1998, Immogard s.r.o. has provided a broad range of services.
In addition to the classical operations, accounting, payroll accounting, and consulting, the company has specialised in guaranteeing companies from abroad a successful start-up in the Czech Republic. Our employees, who are employed in the long term, have necessary skills and training qualifications which qualify them to fulfil all commercial and technical requirements ideally.

The company is able to draw on own spaces at distinct locations in order to rent them. Moreover, it is capable of communicating in German, English, and Russian. Particularly in the industrial estate of Libavské Udoli, Immogard s.r.o. provides a full service, ranging from a company’s foundation, and takeovers of commercial and technical operations, to a complete maintenance.

If requested, various production agitations can be undertaken in the start-up and can be handed over to the customer as complete business subsequently.